What is InSCI?


The International Spinal Cord Injury (InSCI) Community Survey has been developed as an initial step to gain comprehensive and comparable information on the situation of persons living with a spinal cord injury. The multi-national InSCI community survey involves 28 countries and will be the first survey on spinal cord injury to be conducted simultaneously in all six WHO regions all over the world. All persons with a traumatic or non-traumatic spinal cord injury who live in the community of a paricipating country and are aged over 18 years are eligilbe for this survey. We offer an online or paper version of the questionnaire, and persons who are unable to complete the questionnaire by themselves are offered a telephone interview.
The main objective of the InSCI survey is to describe and identify factos that are related to functioning, health and wellbeing of persons living with spinal cord injury within and across countries. Systematic data collection and evaluation of what it means to live with this condition and the state of relevant health and rehabilitation systems provide essential information on what society can do to improve the situation of persons with spinal cord injury.
Expected results of the survey will be used for the basis of conducting dialogues with decision-makers for policy reforms designed to improve the functioning, health maintenance, and wellbeing of affected persons.